Luxurious Summer Ice Creams

I know summer is almost over, but with the forest fires and extreme, relentless heat, it feels like it's starting all over again. For those a little bored with the usual ice cream flavors, here are some tips for the adventurous.

I highly recommend trying the lychee cream ice cream at Mashti Malones. I usually find their flavors too overpowering and perfume-esque, but this is different. It tastes like fresh plucked lychees woven through velvety cream. Get it with their herbal snow, made from basil seeds, with floral undertones, add a dash of their sour cherry syrup, and you'll be in bliss. I wish I could have a lychee tree in my garden, c'est possible? I also read that Mashti ice cream and Pastis is a delicious combination.

Focusing on garden-inspired ingredients, Carmela is also really lovely (way better than Scoops) and available at local LA farmers markets and select gourmet shops. I love their lavender honey ice cream and cucumber sorbet.

Here is a recipe for Absinthe Ice Cream by American foodie in Paris, David Lebovitz . If you don't have an ice cream maker, click here to learn how to make it without a machine. David includes some other genius cold desert recipes like Roquefort-honey ice cream, espresso granita, salted butter caramel ice cream, white chocolate sorbet, blood orange sorbet, and vietnamese coffee popsicles. Love them all!

Photos by David Lebovitz

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