Arturo Herrera


Yesterday evening at the Hammer Museum in the Los Angeles, I previewed the new exhibition "Outside the Box: Edition Jacob Samuel." Since 1988 Jacob Samuel published 43 portfolios of prints made by a diverse group of international artists including my personal favorites Marina Abramovic and Anish Kapoor. The whole show consisted of these intricately printed books, deconstructed and mounted page by page on gallery walls for audiences to look at. I wasn't impressed with a majority of the work, but my boredom and disappointment quickly faded when I came to a final room where Venezuelan artist Arturo Herrera's "Schloss" series hung. The two images feature here are just a glimpse at what is a body of about 6 or 7 prints of the same subject matter. Cakes, pastries, and whimsical, eatable delights are juxtaposed with black paint-- I find the overall effect to be so stunning and resonant. The word schloss means castle in German-- Wish I could own them... One day...

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