In Paris and throughout Europe, violet infused delights are everywhere. One can find violet Lorina sparkling lemonade for starters, and violet jam, yogurt, macarons, and confit. Curious for more? Look at this outdated blog, "Flower Food" (bad name, but great content), created by two francophiles with a love for edible flowers. It's too bad they didn't keep it up, I like the concept.

Here is a recipe for Victorian candied violets, or if you would rather buy them, I recommend India Tree. How amazing would a glittery violet trifle be?

For your upcoming soiree, add Monin violet syrup to your vodka tonic for a dose of enchantment.

Photo: Blackcurrant-Violet "Religieuse" Choux pastry, blackcurrant & violet flavoured confectioner’s custard

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