The Time of the Grinch Has Passed & Other Rambings...

For the first time in years, this Thanksgiving I didn't fry an onion or lift a spatula. This Thanksgiving, I was out of the kitchen and in the living room eating cheeses and sipping wine under the glow of my new fireplace. There is something awfully nice about not cooking for once-- something to be said about tasting and eating and letting someone else become the master of the ceremony. This year I ate of mixture of pre-prepared delights from whole foods as well as home made salads, New England Oyster stew (of which the Oysters were chucked only hours before...), and a plethora of French and Italian cheeses complete with pear spread, sliced persimmons, and candied nuts.

While the historic underpinnings of Thanksgiving may be a bit fowl, nothing beats sitting with loved ones over incredible food and drink and unapologetically eating into the night only to wake up the next day to seconds and thirds.

I'm usually a grinch during the holidays. I loathe shopping and the pressure of gift giving-- the extreme waste, insane gridlock traffic, and mass-murder of beautiful pine trees... But this year, I've let go. This year, I'm not concerned with any of the like and instead am looking forward to time with my family and friends.

Unable to sleep tonight, I was perusing the brilliant David Leibovitz's blog and began drooling over his photo stream which in itself is enough to make one want to book a ticket to Paris and say sayonara to any/all obligations.

I've begun my list of cooking supplies that I would love to have... This includes an ice cream maker so that I can prepare his brown bread & pastis ice cream recipes in addition to dark chocolate sorbet. Bwa ha ha. I am also dying for a proper espresso machine-- not the stove top kind, but the real deal glistening silvery fare. Also, a copper madeleine mold would be fun and I am also eyeing the book "The History of Taste" which I first discovered in the bookstore at the Cloisters in New York...

Meep. Happy Holidays to everyone...

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