La Bague de Kenza


Paris-based Algerian patisserie, La Bangue de Kenza is my latest obsession. From precious, whimsical details on each varied sweet to the store's presentation of overflowing desserts framed by sparse walls, this place is an absolutely unique wonder. I long for the afternoon where I will stroll in to try every selection--pastries filled with figs, pistachios, and dates, accented with rose water, orange blossom, mint, black currant, and other faraway flavors. The cookbook Les Douceurs de Kenza looks lovely too.


Anonymous said...

Nur wenn man dran glaubt..

supersilent said...

I wanted to post a comment on your "Over the Dunes" blog. Magnificent work there.

Natasha Subramaniam said...

Thank you :-) There will be many more articles to come on Over the Dunes-- so please keep checking back.

Are you a filmmaker?

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