Mumbai Memories

Earlier today I stumbled upon this footage I shot over three years ago during a culinary adventure in Mumbai, India. The dosa stand featured in this clip is honestly one of the most delicious places I have ever eaten. What you see being prepared in the beginning is a spring dosa, which consists of shredded beets, carrots, peas, onion, garlic, and other vegetables, immersed in cheese, accented with masala and tomatoes, wrapped up in a perfectly crisp crepe made of lentil flour. Like most South Indian food, it's served with coconut and mint chutney and a side of sambar--a very spicy and delightful soup made with vegetables, yellow lentils, tomato, mustard seeds, and assorted chiles.

For incredible, authentic South Indian snacks, I recommend visiting Little India in Artesia-- there is a heavenly strip of restaurants, grocery stores, and snack shops just off of Pioneer Blvd. If you're planning on going, you've also got to see a Bollywood flick at the Naz 8 multiplex-- where you can order samosas & chai along with your movie ticket!

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raccolta said...

This video was so fun! Tash we must go to Annapurna on Venice Blvd. someday... so many types of dosas... all South Indian food.. dad took us the other day and it was HEAVENLY

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