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I know I've been idle for a while, but it's been for good reason--A main one being that it's the holidays and the amount of birthdays, holiday parties, and this and that has reached obscene proportions. I've been eating food that has inspired and delighted me, including an exquisite seven course tasting at SONA restaurant, which I will truly never forget and promise to write about soon. It was such a profound experience and made me think a lot about how food can possess nostalgic qualities and transport one to other places with just one bite.

I've also been obsessed with soup making--creating my own vegetable stocks from scraps lying around the kitchen like fennel bulbs and carrot stems. Between my friend and I, we've concocted soups that are not only healthy, but so satisfying, tasting only better with time. Tonight we're making a squash, zucchini, carrot, and onion soup puree with fresh stock we've been brewing all afternoon. The key to any incredible soup is a superior stock, low heat, and long simmering. Mmmmm... I love the cold weather and incessant food activities. More to come...

Photography by László Moholy-Nagy

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