La Gluten-Free

Feeling relatively lethargic and bloated after eating meals, my darling mother decided to try a gluten-free diet. Months later, this has done wonders for her and I'm starting to think, maybe there's something to this. Avoiding a deadline looming over my head, tonight I drifted into the land of food blogs, searching for interesting sites featuring gluten-free recipes. While it's likely I won't be able to entirely adapt this lifestyle (for obvious reasons,) I would like to entertain the idea of limiting my gluten intake to see if my energy level improves and if, just if, my random bouts of fatigue are a result of my diet. It's a sad reality, but so many products unnecessarily use gluten as a thickening agent--from food to cosmetics--and it's a bit unsettling.

I discovered gluten-free girl-- she's a writer with celiac disease who has some pretty delicious tricks up her sleeve-- like lemon olive oil cookies and blueberry polenta pancakes. She also has some great pickling recipes. I was pleased to read that Bouchon's macarons and baguettes are gluten free, now I can take ma mère there for an afternoon tea.

Check out her blog: Glutenfreegirl

Photo courtesy of Glutenfree girl

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