Be Still My Bouchon

Everyone may say this this, but now it's my turn: I absolutely LOVE Thomas Keller's food. It's elegant, thoughtful, and profound, with a lingering simplicity that makes you feel you could possibly make some of his creations yourself. While I was working on a project in Las Vegas that nearly drove me mad, it was his lovely restaurant Bouchon that kept me grounded. And during a particularly rainy New York afternoon last year, a dip into the Bouchon Bakery for a warm brioche and coffee was precisely what put the kick back in my step.

This is why tonight, when my house mate fluttered out the door to go to the new Bouchon of Beverly Hills opening, I was beyond jealous. Murderous even. When she returned with a permanent smile on her face and a large tote bag full of Bouchon treats, she proceeded to describe the opulent cold seafood bar, splendid wines, little tastes of Frenchy this and that, and the fresh bread making counter where party goers could create their own spiked baguettes. She then revealed what was inside this tote of hers--a lovely Slovenian glass milk jar, a long spiked baguette baked 10 minutes prior, and of course a variety of cooking items including molds and mixes to create little chocolate bouchons at home. Everything was packaged beautifully and accessibly, making me think-- is Bouchon going to turn into an empire?

Oh, and to accent their logo, they also gave her a cute plastic red and yellow beach ball that kind of reminded me of the Babar books. Precious! When I read over the menu, which is made from parchment paper French bistro style, I nearly drooled at the assortment of traditional, classy offerings.

When will this recession be over so that I can go and Bouchon around? Hopefully soon, and if not, I can at least treat myself to a Moules au Safran with Maine bouchot mussels steamed with white wine, mustard & saffron, served with French fries. No apologies.

Mira: Bouchon Beverly Hills

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