The Mrs. Dalloway Complex

I have to admit that for the past few months, I have felt a little weary about throwing a dinner party. It's true that I have been known to throw my fair share and that I find there little more rewarding than feeding friends over conversation, music, and candle light. But recently, I've felt exhausted--tired of playing host, scurrying around, and obsessing. I lovingly refer to this neurotic host persona as the Mrs. Dalloway complex (I hope this doesn't need an introduction...)

What is interesting is that during this dinner party drought, like Clarissa Dalloway, I too have realized that the small, seemingly insignificant moments in life are those worth living for. I have missed having my friends together in one room, even missed the kitchen disasters, culinary experiments, and stacks of dishes the next morning. In this spirit, I have decided to have a winter dinner tonight.

What's on the menu? Italian delights, which I will fill you in on in the next post.

Photo: Virginia Woolf

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